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Ottawa Valley Log Salvage


Our Logs

Our heritage logs have been slumbering, undisturbed, for nearly a century or more in the depths of the Ottawa River. This cool, dark, low-oxygen environment has preserved the wood’s quality and drawn out its sap, leaving it with a rich, technicolour grain that simply can’t be matched.


By virtue of maturing with unhurried precision under a thick, virgin forest canopy, our old-growth logs are 20 percent stronger, with a tighter grain and a richer depth of colour, than any wood harvested today.


Our lumber has been kiln dried, planed, and formed by local specialists. Our quality guarantee ensures that you’re happy with your timber the moment it arrives.

- 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12

- standard 16-foot lengths with easy-to-install

tongue-and-groove joining

- custom dimensions and joints available upon request


The Designer’s Choice

With us, every order is a custom order. We’ll specially match the rich history and appeal of our heritage timber to your unique design vision, enabling you to create a timeless space of enduring quality.


Our heritage wood introduces colour that dances in the light and adds warmth and dimension to any room. Whether you’re capturing rustic warmth or sleek historic elegance, our “Designers Choice” package will match your order to the space of your dreams.


Specialty Products

Our old-growth logs create quality furniture, mantels, posts, beams, square timbers, staircases, and more. We’re happy to work with you on your custom projects. Please contact us.


A variety of pricing packages are available for any budget.

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This tight-grained wood resists wear and tear like modern pine simply cannot. Its old-growth age lends the wood dark and multicoloured hues, and its characteristic markings give an overall rustic look.



Again, this tight-grained wood resists wear and tear like modern pine cannot. Our old-growth red pine’s warm grain stands out dramatically amidst its markings, and blends historic legacy with timeless appeal.



Known for its strength, and with a varied grain and coarse texture, our hemlock lends a rustic authenticity and old-world character to its surroundings.




Sturdy and strong, our spruce is a relatively light wood with a fine grain that transforms any room into a welcoming space alight with historic elegance. 




Creamy in texture and easy to work with, our
heritage birch boasts bright, welcoming
highlights and subtle color variations that bring
timeless simplicity to any space.




Our oak's signature feature is a wide range of
warm sepia tones that cannot be found in today's oak. Our old-growth oak's dense grain enables it to endure even more wear and tear, ensuring that it will stand the test of time.



Strong, tight-grained, and full of depth, our
heritage maple's breathtaking colour variations will invite visitors to linger.