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Ottawa Valley Log Salvage


Our Commitment to the Environment

The virtues of “old-growth” timber make it incredibly sought after by discerning buyers in lumber markets today. However, with only 2 percent of Canada’s virgin forests still standing, we recognize that it is crucial to protect our old-growth trees—many of which stand over 10 storeys high, measure nearly 4 feet in diameter, and have seen over 300 growing seasons. These trees hold the secrets of unspoiled forest ecology and ensure the preservation of biodiversity that is quickly vanishing in overforested regions today.

Matching Discerning Buyers With Sustainable Practices

Salvaging old-growth logs from their watery resting places provides a solution that meets the needs of both consumers and the environment. Without cutting a single old-growth tree, we recover and repurpose old-growth timbers, making beautiful, high-quality wood available to the market while doing our part to maintain the natural balance in Canada’s forests for future generations. 

Our Legacy

Unlike other log salvage outfits, we live, play, and raise our families on the same river we work on.


Those who know us won’t be surprised to learn that we’ve made it our personal responsibility to maintain the health of the waterway that our livelihood depends on. 


Working in close partnership with the national Department of Fisheries and Oceans, we tailor our practices to protect river health, fish habitat, and the natural ecosystems. We are committed to ensuring that the Ottawa River remains a clean, healthy river system for our children; that is our legacy.


As a corporate member of the Canada Green Building Council, we have not only interests in
pursuing sustainability and environmentally friendly choices, but also a commitment to the
improvement and enhancement of the building environment in Canada. Our products are 100% recyclable and renewable and our eco-friendly recovery of the timber ensures that Canada’s old-growth trees remain preserved on land while the marine eco-system benefits from the removal of the logs by eliminating the harmful toxins to fish emitted by the trees and the erosion caused by the constant moving of the logs.