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Ottawa Valley Log Salvage


As the Ottawa Valley's
only family-run log
salvage business, we're
committed to ensuring
that the legacy lives on.

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Flooring and accent
timber suited for a
space that embraces
richness, legacy, and
time-honoured quality.

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Like that of our logs,
our own history began
nearly a century ago,
when quality wood was
a mark of achievement.

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Our personal
commitment to the
Ottawa River guides our
sustainable and ethical

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The History of Our Logs

Hundreds of years ago, our Canadian forests grew slowly, each tree maturing with unhurried precision under the protective canopy of its ancestors until it emerged as a giant of the forest.

These “old growth” trees—known to be stronger, less blemished, and of much higher quality than trees growing today—bewitched the maverick lumbermen who took to the Ottawa River Valley in the pioneer logging era of the 1800s and early 1900s...


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Meet Deep River Lumber's Log Authenticator

Tom Stephenson: Renowned forester, outdoorsman, historian


Deep River Lumber's reclaimed logs are authenticated as historic timbers by celebrated Canadian forestry biologist and logging historian Tom Stephenson.

Stephenson is perhaps best known for his role as a leading historic authority and craftsman in the creation of a replica square timber raft that was displayed as a prize exposition at Canada's premiere history museum, The Museum of Civilization.

He has made his mark as a well-respected professor of forestry and has been consulted for many books on the history of logging in Canada. Most recently, he has been featured in award-winning writer Ron Corbett's 2008 publication, One Last River Run.

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